Energy audit

Energy audit is a relatively new concept that refers to energy examination of objects in order to identify their energy efficiency and develop economically feasible measures to reduce energy consumption.

Today, the implementation of an active energy-saving policy, both in public and communal sectors is hampered by the lack of proper energy management and access to energy efficiency financing.

> Areas of our activities:

>Energy audit

FIATU LLC conducts works on energy audit of buildings that includes instrumental energy examination of buildings, evaluation of the actual state of energy consumption, identification of causes of inefficient energy use and energy losses, calculation of energy saving potential and development of measures to increase energy efficiency of buildings.details

>Technical oversight

Our firm carries out technical supervision over capital refurbishment and reconstruction works in public buildings during implementation of energy efficiency measures. We perform quality control of works, their compliance to project design documentation, construction standards, scope of work and time schedule, correspondence of performed works and used materials to products, structures and equipment specified in technical assignments and design documentation.details

>Development of the design and cost documentation

We develop design and cost documentation for implementing energy efficiency projects based on technical tasks. The documentation is prepared by established forms, including all necessary drawings and accurate budget cost using appropriate state standards and norms.details

FIATU LLC manages energy efficiency projects, including project planning in accordance with approved business plans, management of project works, supply and cost, risk management, documentation of project progress, analysis of project results.details


Statistics value of energy efficiency projects involving Fiat LLC

Borispoil344 488 EUR
Dolyna159 951 EUR
Lviv94 800 EUR
Luck367 000 EUR
Kyiv370 550 EUR
Chernihiv295 600 EUR
Kramatorsk258 000 EUR
Konotop109 803 EUR
Myrhorod121 000 EUR
Baranivka110 808 EUR
Ivano-Frankivsk1 000 000 UAH
Ivano-Frankivsk3 000 000 грн