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FIATU LLC offers our clients to move energy conservation issue from a theoretical energy savings calculations area to a practical implementation of projects. Implementation of energy saving projects funded by loans is not only economically feasible but also it is a practical step in reducing energy consumption and energy dependence. Check this out by reading information on our projects



Berdiansk is the resort town of national importance, located near Azov Sea. There are 15 pre-schools in the city, which more than 2,500 smallest residents attend.details


The specifics of the geographical location of the city infrastructure are as follows. The majority of public institutions and industries are located on the right bank side of the city.details


Lviv is one of the leaders in Ukraine in implementation of energy saving measures and promotion of national energy savings principles. Energy passports for public buildings are being actively prepared and programs of preferential loans for residents are in place.details



The Kramatorsk City hospital №1 and the Centre for primary health care №2 provide a wide range of medical services to population. Surgical, therapeutic and infectious disease departments of the City hospital №1 and the Centre for primary health care №2 were built during the Second World War.details


More than 1000 pupils attend Lozova lyceum #4 and its inside conditions were not adequate.details


More than 900 little Pavlohrad citizens attend general school #5. However conditions inside the building left much to be desired.details


Severodonetsk street lighting was in deplorable state. Some streets were quite dark at night time.details



Based on the energy audit results FIATU developed energy efficiency measures for 4 educational buildings in Boryspil: general school #1, gymnasium “ Perspectyva“ , kindergarten #1 and educational complex “ Veselka“.details


FIATU energy auditors examined 7 schools in Chernihiv and recommended most appropriate list of energy efficient measures making focus on improvement of building window and door structures. details


FIATU is supervising the city’s move to an alternative energy source for hot water supply in two kindergartens: «Zolota Rybka» and «Rosynka».details


Under the «FIATU» monitoring as investor technical consultant the city of Kyiv implemented an energy efficiency project, which included modernization of heating equipment in school canteens: 192 industrial electric stoves were changed in 54 kindergartens and 42 secondary schools in Obolon district of Kyiv; upgrade of internal electrical networks and installation of modern electricity meters in canteens. details


FIATU LLC participated in a large scale project on increasing energy efficiency in buildings of different functional use, such as health care, education and culture. We conducted energy audit of 25 buildings and developed energy efficiency measures , which are appropriate for specific buildings to obtain optimal savings from investment. details



FIATU LLC conducted energy audit of the kindergarten «Sonechko» for thermal modernization of the building. Our energy auditors suggested a full complex of refurbishment measures, which included insulation of walls, installation of energy efficient windows and doors, new heating appliances, circulating pumps and others) details


FIATU conducted energy audit in 10 different types of buildings (schools, kindergartens an hospitals) and developed a balanced list of energy saving measures (replacement of windows and doors, installation of individual heating substations, installation of solid fuel boilers), to be implemented in each building depending on the needdetails


FIATU LLC selected 2 kindergartens and 3 school buildings to include them in energy conservation project. Our specialists examined these buildings and recommended a set of most appropriate energy saving measures (including replacement of windows, doors on energy efficient ones, installation of individual heating substations, replacement of heating appliances, restoration of thermal insulation on pipelines) to reduce heat energy losses. details

Statistics value of energy efficiency projects involving Fiat LLC

Borispoil344 488 EUR
Dolyna159 951 EUR
Lviv94 800 EUR
Luck367 000 EUR
Kyiv370 550 EUR
Chernihiv295 600 EUR
Kramatorsk258 000 EUR
Konotop109 803 EUR
Myrhorod121 000 EUR
Baranivka110 808 EUR
Ivano-Frankivsk1 000 000 UAH
Ivano-Frankivsk3 000 000 грн