FIATU: Quality, Reliability, Professionalism

FIATU LLC is an experienced certified energy auditing firm, which provides a complex of services on energy audit, energy management system, financial and budget management, and IT services on energy monitoring.

> Areas of our professional activity:

>Financial management

  • development of social economic development programs
  • attraction of financing
  • preparation of investment projects
  • development of business plans
  • preparation of permitting documents for loans
  • organization and conduct of trainings and seminars

>IT-solutions for

  • energy monitoring and analysis

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Our unique specialization

We use a systematic approach to increase financial independence, economical efficiency and sustainability of your performance. We provide services to our clients to maximize their financial profits with their least costs and efforts. We plan, analyze, develop and implement energy efficiency projects, which contribute to the growth of local economy.

Statistics value of energy efficiency projects involving Fiat LLC

Borispoil344 488 EUR
Dolyna159 951 EUR
Lviv94 800 EUR
Luck367 000 EUR
Kyiv370 550 EUR
Chernihiv295 600 EUR
Kramatorsk258 000 EUR
Konotop109 803 EUR
Myrhorod121 000 EUR
Baranivka110 808 EUR
Ivano-Frankivsk1 000 000 UAH
Ivano-Frankivsk3 000 000 грн