Information Energy Monitoring System (ICE) – is the software of national significance

The hierarchy of objects in the system corresponds to the current organizational structure of local and state executive goverment and have the ability to scale up. ICE allows for the simultaneous collective work of energy and water suppliers, consumers and management. It takes 5-10 minutes of facility manager’s time for daily energy monitoring in ICE.


Information Energy Monitoring System (ICE) allows for:

  • reduction of unjustified energy costs by providing timely, complete and reliable information;
  • ensuring effective spending of budget funds on energy efficiency measures by assessing actual expenditures on energy efficiency and energy savings;
  • steady decline in energy consumption by public buildings through efficient interaction between public institutions, municipal and state energy management and government executive management.

System Functionality:

  • manual, semi-automated (data import) and automated (automatic meter reading) information collection;
  • online work with the personal access key;
  • inventory of technical information on public buildings of Ukraine;
  • building energy certification;
  • assessment of energy and water consumption efficiency for decision making purposes;
  • statistics and history action log;
  • benchmarking;
  • building energy efficiency rating;
  • road map of building renovation;
  • quality control of constraction works;
  • energy and water consumption data transfer to resource provider organizations.

Information Energy Monitoring System (ICE) is an important tool for implementation of Sustainable Energy Action Plan (SEAP). Cities – signatories of the Covenant of Mayors, including Vinnytsia, Voznesensk, Kamianske, Zhytomyr, Kolomiia, Gorіshnі Plavnі, Novograd-Volynskyi, Bakhmut, Korosten, Lubny, Pervomaiskyi, Сhuhuiv have been successfully using ICE as an instrument of energy monitoring during last years.

Choosing Information Energy Monitoring System (ICE), you choose the system, which helps you understand and improve energy efficiency. We offer an innovative product, which facilitates work and make an important contribution to conservation of energy and finance.


Selected stories about savings achieved by using Information Energy Monitoring System (ICE):

Packages and prices

Information Energy Monitoring System (ICE) has a minimal cost of implementation and maintenance in its class, saving the client’s funds from unproductive costs, such as purchase of servers, server maintenance costs, services of system administrators, energy efficiency and training experts. Working with «FIATU», you get a powerful energy management system that solves your energy management problems within a reasonable and justified budget.

The cost of the Information Energy Monitoring System (ICE) includes:

  • cost of the software;
  • training;
  • maintenance.
Test Basic Premium
Free 1 month 50 UAN/1 month 75 UAN/1 month
up to 10 buildings 1 building 1 building
Use of the web resource without any restrictions + + +
Technical support (24/7) + + +
Consulting support (24/7)
Data entry analysis of completeness and accuracy + +
Building thermal calculations (thermal heat load, etc.) +
Automatic outside temperature entry + +
Data import +
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