Analytical products

Energy saving policy requires informed decisions and effective approaches in the medium term. This can be done on the basis of up-to-date information, its thorough analysis and forecasting. Data is the fuel for decision-making, the raw material for investment and the basis for quality transformation. Based on the analysis of qualitative data, knowledge gains applied value and turns into a result. Data is the most important tool that, when used correctly, enables you to make the right energy saving decisions and improve the energy efficiency of buildings while making good use of your investment.

The accumulated 500,000+ indicators over a 5-year period for 13,000+ objects of the social sphere of Ukraine provide invaluable opportunities for conducting various spectra of analysis in the field of energy efficiency and energy saving, identifying patterns and dynamics, planning and forecasting.

List of analytical products:

  • in kind energy consumption, dynamics and trends over a 5-year period (total consumption by country, by region, by category of buildings, growth rates, deviations);
  • financial result in energy consumption, analysis of the effective use of funds to pay for energy, assessment of the relationship of expenditures’ growth to tariff escalation and consumption increases;
  • ratings of energy efficiency of regions (oblasts) and industries, analysis of reasons;
  • analysis of the categories of buildings affecting the energy efficiency rating;
  • the number of renovations completed over a 5-year period, building renovation coverage by category, region, type of renovations, the ratio of the number of buildings to the number of renovations performed;
  • evaluation of the effectiveness of the renovations performed, their impact on energy consumption and energy efficiency rating of buildings, development of recommendations;
  • electricity consumption pattern;
  • analysis of the relationship of the heat energy consumption on the year of construction of buildings by regions and categories of buildings;
  • analysis of the relationship of the heat energy consumption on the external wall material of buildings by region and category of buildings.
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