Financial management

Finances have an exceptional value for the company, as any institution, organization, or enterprise needs funds for operations and development. Successful implementation of investment and social projects, and development programs in public, municipal and other areas depends on effective fiscal policy and efficient use of funds. Therefore, the creation of efficient financial management structure requires special attention.

FIATU LLC has considerable experience in solving problems with development and sustainment of effective budget management model. We will do utmost to increase efficiency, transparency and effectiveness of budget planning using advanced budget management technology while operating within the current legislation.

FIATU LLC provides advice and assistance to specialists of local governments, businesses and organizations on financial issues, including:

preparation of socio-economic development programs, including energy conservation programs in medium term perspective
development of investment projects (such as energy conservation investment projects , which contain a complete feasibility assessment and calculation of investment indicators)
preparation of permitting documents for loans (such as documents for permits from accredited bodies to obtain loans from international financing organizations)
attraction of financing (we facilitate obtain of preferential loans from financial institutions to fund energy efficiency projects)
organization and conduct of trainings and seminars (effective budgeting and financing of energy saving projects)
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