Financial management

Financial management

FIATU LLC has extensive practical experience in development of effective budget models. We assist clients to increase effectiveness, efficiency and transparency of public funds using advanced budget technologies and operating in the framework of the current legislation.




Energy monitoring is a continuous follow up for the process of energy consumption to see trends and compare current consumption with set targets.



An energy efficiency project is a set of organizational and technical activities related to the achievement of the planned goal – saving of energy. Projects usually have a unique and non-recurring nature, and common aspects of its implementation : timeline, costs, quality of environmental and economic results.

Energy audit

Energy audit

FIATU LLC offers a full range of energy audit services, which include on-site examination of buildings, assessment of actual state of energy consumption, identification of ineffective energy use and development of organizational and technical measures to increase building energy efficiency.

Remote monitoring

Remote monitoring

Buildings are a living organism with ever-changing needs and content. Because of the economic importance of energy use and lack of staff, remote energy monitoring service is becoming increasingly important. Built on a web-based interface, the system for remote energy monitoring automatically, without participation of personnel, transmits data on energy consumption through electronic measuring instruments, recorders, Building Management System and network controllers. Then the information gets into the ICE, it is processed and made available in a visual format – reports on energy consumption by the building, a log of alarms and monitoring results.


FIATU LLC is an experienced certified energy auditing firm, which provides a complex of services on energy audit, energy management system, financial and budget management, and IT services on energy monitoring.



We solve clients’ problems and consistently meet your requirements in terms of professional standards and ethics.



We render our services on time, accurately, fully and in sustained way.



We are competent, skillful, friendly and courteous to our clients.


Areas of our professional activity

Financial management

  • development of social economic development programs
  • attraction of financing
  • preparation of investment projects
  • development of business plans
  • preparation of permitting documents for loans
  • organization and conduct of trainings and seminars

IT - solutions for

  • energy monitoring and analysis

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We are reliable partners

We are an experienced company that provides a full range of services related to energy audit and the creation of energy management systems, as well as specialized services in budget and financial management and the development and implementation of IT technologies. We are an experienced company providing a full range of services.

Our projects

FIATU LLC offers our clients to move energy conservation issue from a theoretical energy savings calculations area to a practical implementation of projects.

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