Energy Monitoring Information System

The main purpose of creating «Energy Monitoring Information system» is to monitor and control effective use of thermal energy, gas, electricity and water, provide information to implement energy efficiency measures to reduce energy costs and increase energy efficiency of buildings.

«Consumption Monitoring» module is designed to create a database of energy consumption indicators. This unit provides for accumulation of energy consumption indicators in physical and monetary terms by each building at any given, data on payment for used resources, annual and monthly limits and tariffs. Information from this module is the basis for a comprehensive analysis of energy consumption and formation of various charts and reports that are implemented in other modules of the software.

«Budget Reporting» module contains a list of analytical reports allowing to assess dynamics of energy consumption by buildings by type of resources, to carry out a comparative analysis of specific consumption, calculate energy consumption indices, to track actual energy expenditure costs, to assess compliance with energy consumption limits, calculate expected energy consumption and assess the need for energy and funds for its payment.

«Meters» module is designed for daily accumulation of information on consumption of energy and water in accordance with meter readings. It provides a function to track the total consumption of any resource for a selected period by a separate meter and/or all meters devices installed in individual institution, as well as create a summary sheet of meter consumption by group of buildings, or by the city as a whole.

«Energy efficiency» module provides information on energy performance in graphical form using charts and graphs. Reports of this module allow assessing effectiveness of heat consumption factoring outside and indoor temperature as well as assess calculated and actual energy conservation.

«Benchmarking» module is intended to create a database for monitoring of energy efficiency of public buildings throughout Ukraine, allowing public sector energy managers at all levels to assess their own level of energy efficiency in buildings and energy use dynamics by comparing the specific energy consumption by building groups. The module also reveals the quality of energy efficiency in individual city by comparing energy consumption by the same type of buildings in other cities.

The cost of the energy monitoring information system includes

- Cost of the software
- Training
- Maintenance

Statistics value of energy efficiency projects involving Fiat LLC

Borispoil344 488 EUR
Dolyna159 951 EUR
Lviv94 800 EUR
Luck367 000 EUR
Kyiv370 550 EUR
Chernihiv295 600 EUR
Kramatorsk258 000 EUR
Konotop109 803 EUR
Myrhorod121 000 EUR
Baranivka110 808 EUR
Ivano-Frankivsk1 000 000 UAH
Ivano-Frankivsk3 000 000 грн