Energy monitoring is a continuous monitoring of the energy consumption process by buildings in order to identify its compliance with desired results or consumption trends. Comparing actual consumption with the baseline consumption (or the previous year consumption) the staff responsible for energy management in buildings and building owners, can sustain an optimal operation of buildings and their engineering systems as well as rational energy consumption.

Energy Monitoring Information System allows for:

  • reduction of unjustified energy costs by providing timely, complete and reliable information
  • ensuring effective spending of budget funds on energy efficiency measures by assessing actual expenditures on energy efficiency and energy savings
  • steady decline in energy consumption by public sector through efficient interaction between public institutions, city energy management and city executive management.

FIATU LLC created the software 'energy monitoring information system' , which addresses issues of:

> automatic monitoring of energy and water use
> optimization of water and energy consumption

Statistics value of energy efficiency projects involving Fiat LLC

Borispoil344 488 EUR
Dolyna159 951 EUR
Lviv94 800 EUR
Luck367 000 EUR
Kyiv370 550 EUR
Chernihiv295 600 EUR
Kramatorsk258 000 EUR
Konotop109 803 EUR
Myrhorod121 000 EUR
Baranivka110 808 EUR
Ivano-Frankivsk1 000 000 UAH
Ivano-Frankivsk3 000 000 грн