Quality control of construction works in Konotop

Problem description

Control over the progress of construction works is one of the most important side of construction, as the customer is interested in completing the works quickly and efficiently. However, construction stakeholders often have communication problems, which adversely affect the quality of works. Additional communication problems began to appear with the start of a pandemic and increasing risk of disease in personal contact. Konotop faced a similar challenge during implementation of the investment project in the Gymnasium.

Solution to the problem

FIATU LLC specialists suggested using the online module Quality control of construction works to improve communication between construction players for the better quality of construction work. All relevant information on construction works with photo-fixation of progress of works and shortcomings in a convenient format was available at a single link. This information was updated in real time. Each of the project participants was involved in the control of the works without the need to be present at the facility. This greatly simplified communication and became a significant factor in the implementation of all works in a timely fashion and in accordance with building regulatory requirements.

Convenience and accessibility of the functionality were highlighted by all participants of construction. The project has been successfully completed and the module Quality Control of construction works was an effective tool for achieving the set goals.

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