Kremenchuk 2018

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



Annual CO2 emission reduction



Problem description

The street lighting system of Kremenchuk is 525 kilometers long and has about 8800 lighting fixtures, 35% of which are equipped with old and morally obsolete lamps (about 50% are mercury lamps and 50% are incandescent lamps). Most old lamps did not function. The right-bank part of the city (district Rakovka)  had no street lighting on most of the streets for more than 30 years, and the lamps had been in use since the 60’s of the last century.

Ways to problem solving

The project started in 2016 as a combined project on thermo-modernization of Kindergarten No. 32 and modernization of street lighting.  The project encountered problems at the design stage that could lead to financial and technical hurdles to carry out all planned activities. It put implementation of the project as a whole and achievement of the planned energy saving and CO2 emissions at risk.

“FIATU” LLC as a project manager contributed to project reshuffle. Thus, measures on thermo-modernization of Kindergarten No. 32 were excluded and released funds (which is 60% of the cost of the project) were redirected to expand street lighting modernization.

As a result the right-bank part of the city has received modern lighting: 1891 LED-lights were installed, brackets and cables replaced on 22 streets in Rakovka neibourhood.

According to the data of the city council such changes will allow to illuminate the streets well and save budget funds on electricity payment.

The city is proud of the European quality, citizen safety and the beauty of the night streets. The project is determined successful!

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