Vugledar 2018

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



Annual СO2 emission reduction



Problem description

Energy saving grant project financed by NEFCO within «Nordic energy efficiency and humanitarian support initiative (Ukraine) fund» was aimed at energy efficiency improvement of two educational buildings in the city of Vugledar (Donetsk region).

About 1240 little Vugledar citizens attend general school #2 and educational complex “Mria”, 155 of them are children of temporarily displaced persons from the ATO zone. Children had to study in educational buildings, where internal temperature and thermal comfort conditions left much to be desired. Constant drafts through old wooden windows and doors led to colds among pupils and teaching staff causing repeated complains about inside building conditions. Flat roof of the general school №2 leaked and had high heat losses. Some windows in the schools were replaced by parents, but partial replacement did not solve the problem in general. The school technical staff tried to improve the situation by sealing windows with the scotch tape but it did not really help. Buildings have natural ventilation, fresh air is driven into classes through windows and doors by opening them, which leads to significant heat losses and additional cooling of the rooms.

Thermomodernization of the building envelope included a number of related works to prevent physical depreciation of the building. Therefore, the project has higher payback period.

Solution to the problem

Complex thermal modernization of buildings was the right way to solve the problems with climate conditions in school classrooms. The walls were insulated, all windows and doors were replaced at both schools and a sloping roof with insulated attic was installed at the school №2. At the same time in order to provide ventilation in classes and reduce heat loss caused by natural ventilation, “FIATU“ LLC specialists  recommended to install decentralized ventilation units with heat recovery in classrooms and the gym. Also, individual heat substations were installed in order to regulate and save heat during weekends, autumn and spring holidays.

As a result of energy modernization efforts children will study in warm classes and the educational process will be improved, it is expected that illness incidents will decrease, and the city will benefit from saving money on energy bills.

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