Horishni Plavni 2017

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



Annual CO2 emission reduction



Problem description

The municipality of Horishni Plavni used around 2000 street lights with the capacity of 150 W each. Significant funds were spent on electricity consumption and maintenance. Some city districts were not lighted at all, others were poorly lighted as some lamps were no longer in operation. As a result, dark outdoor public places were prone to high criminality and increased traffic insecurity.

Ways to problem solving

FIATU recommended going for replacement of incandescent lamps in favor of LED lamps to achieve several results:  lower energy consumption, brighter lighting, long life span of lights, decreased number of road accidents and improved attractiveness of public places. FIATU advocated for the automatic decrease of light capacity at night time to benefit from additional electricity savings. The municipality of Horishi Plavni has dramatically reduced electricity consumption and made the city more attractive and safer.

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