Kamianske 2017

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



Annual CO2 emission reduction



Problem description

The energy efficiency project in Kamianske managed by FIATU included two buildings, which have different functional use but the common problem, that is low energy efficiency. These buildings are the general school # 37 and the primary health care center.  Heat energy used for heating of these buildings was lost due to the poor thermal performance of the building envelope. In addition the heating system did not work efficiently as heating appliances were filled with dirt. As a result the indoor temperature was lower than the normative that affected comfort inside these buildings.

Ways to problem solving

As always FIATU applied individual approach to building rehabilitation. Focusing on energy efficiency we also considered indoor environmental quality and moisture management and suggested a combination of insulation and heating and ventilation system upgrade. This project gave start to successfully developing practice of energy efficiency project implementation in the city. We share the joy that Kamianske will become a more environmentally friendly by using less energy for heating.

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