Kupyansk 2016

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



Annual CO2 emission reduction



Problem description

Project implementation financed by NEFCO within grant energysaving program NIU «Nordic energy efficiency and humanitarian support initiative (Ukraine) fund» was aimed at energy efficiency improvement of three educational institutions in the city of Kupiansk (Kharkiv region): Pre-school №15 “Dolphin”, Pre-school №4 “Cheburashka”, Primary school of educational complex “School-Gymnasium №3”.

Children had to study in educational buildings where internal temperature and thermal comfort conditions left much to be desired. Parents and teachers were constantly complaining about low temperature in classrooms and drafts going through old wooden windows that their useful life was over. As a result small Kupiansk residents felt cold and often got sick. The staff tried to solve the problem by gluing windows up with scotch tape, but this did not really help. In class-rooms and restrooms the air ventilation was done by infiltration through windows and doors by opening them, which leaded to significant heat losses and therefore to additional cooling of classes and group rooms.

Solution to the problem

FIATU specialists saw the solution to the problem of low internal temperature and drafts in thermal modernization of the buildings. The modernization included wall insulation, replacement of windows and external doors with energy efficient ones. In order to reduce heat losses from ventilation through open windows FIATU recommended installation of decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery in all classrooms and group rooms where children stayed.

Due to FIATU’s thorough control and full support of the Kupiansk City Council the project was implemented by observing all quality and time requirements. As a result, children and teachers will stay in warm classes and have comfortable conditions for their educational process, it is expected that illness incidents will decrease, and the city of Kupiansk will have an opportunity to save money on energy consumption.

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