Pershotravensk 2018

Problem description

The condensate and feed water pumps in city boiler house «Pivdenna» were physically and morally obsolete with an efficiency of less than 64%. The operating parameters of the pumps were higher than required for the provision of the work process. Incorrect selection of pumping equipment in the construction of the boiler house is one of the reasons for the high electricity consumption. «FIATU» LLC recommended increasing the cost efficiency of heat production by replacing existing pumps with modern pumps of lesser capacity and frequency converter that resulted in reduction of electricity costs.

Solution to the problem

Installation of pumps of lesser capacity equipped with a frequency converter has led to decrease in electricity consumption by 10%. The cost of heat production has decreased due to the implemented project. In addition, the production of heat energy has become cleaner, and CO2  emissions have dropped. It is worth noting that the tariff of 855.24 UAH/Gcal for population and 942.02 UAH/Gcal for public organizations remains one of the lowest in Ukraine.

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