Chernihiv 2019

Project costs and benefits

Investment EUR 676 295,00
Net annual savings EUR 132 860,00
Annual CO2 emission reduction t/year 919,80

Problem description

Third-graders of the Chernihiv Secondary School No. 5 were playing sports with a teacher. The kids said it was so cold at school in winter that they ran out into the yard for a break to play games and warm up.

Chernihiv Secondary School No. 5 was built in 1966 and consisted of a school building (primary school, gym, lobby) and workshops. The exterior walls of the building were made of red brick with a thickness of 0.4 m, but the wall insulation was absent. Half of the windows and exterior doors were wooden and physically worn. The heat transfer resistance of school building enclosures did not meet regulatory requirements.

School No. 5 was heated by a local boiler house owned by the district heating company. This boiler room had been upgraded at the beginning of the project and had an automatic control system. However, no effect from the automatic heat control system was fixed as there were significant losses of heat through the building envelope and lack of thermal insulation of the pipelines.

Ways to problem solving

In view of the existing problems, the specialists of «FIATU» LLC offered an economically and technically balanced set of energy-efficient measures for thermal modernization of the building envelope. They were sufficient to reduce the consumption of energy resources and improve the indoor conditions for children and staff.

In the course of the project implementation, the new state building codes had taken into effect requiring the increase of the insulation thickness to 150 mm. Taking into account the extreme heat losses through the external walls of the school as well the new requirement it was a prudent decision for the Client to make changes in the project. «FIATU» LLC, as the project manager, took on the functions of resolving the issues of making necessary changes to the working project and approving it with all parties.

Despite the lengthy process of approvals, the thermal modernization of the school building has been carried out with high quality standards. A colorful, cheerful facade of the school, so unusual for the city, is eye-catching, and the warm classes give coziness and comfort.

Alona Shikhutska, a graduate of the school, mother of a student of school No. 5: «The situation has really changed, kids can now change footwear and clothes when they come to classes, wearing shirts, jeans, shoes or sneakers to their convenience».

Problem description

The total length of Chernihiv’s outdoor lighting networks is 586.65 km. The external lighting system of the city of Chernihiv was built when streets were upgraded back in the 1980s. For the most part, the central streets of the city were equipped with 70, 150- and 250-Watt single-phase sodium gas discharge lamps, which have been in operation for about 11 years. The secondary streets were illuminated by sodium and mercury fluorescent lamps, their technical life is about 25 years and it has completely expired. Besides, they are not energy efficient and require high maintenance costs  as lamps often burn out.

Ways to problem solving

To address the issue of improving the quality and energy efficiency of the city’s street lighting system, city ​​leadership decided to replace 1,185 LEDs in the central streets of the regional center.

Thanks to the competent project management by «FIATU» LLC and timely solution of issues at all stages, it became possible not only to carry out the planned work but implement additional work for the allocated project budget, that is to replace part of the brackets and additionally replace 258 lamps with LEDs. This resulted in electricity savings of almost 10% more than expected.

High attention has been paid to the quality of the work – equipment and materials were delivered in accordance with the technical requirements, as evidenced by the test reports produced by «FIATU» LLC.

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