Chuhuiv 2017

Problem description

Energy efficiency is one of the priority issues for municipalities because energy costs are steadily rising. At the same time, despite the significant consumption of energy resources, most buildings do not provide a basic level of comfort: the indoor temperature regime, the quality of indoor ventilation and lighting are not observed.

Municipal public buildings are gradually improving. Thus, it was the turn of educational institutions in Chuhuiv: primary school №12 and secondary school №1. These buildings erected in the middle of the last century had similar problems of low energy efficiency, which was the result of inadequate thermal characteristics of the building envelope and the lack of ability to control heat consumption. Buildings like those had a significant impact on municipal energy bills.

Ways to problem solving

FIATU LLC specialists are well aware of similar problems in municipal buildings. Therefore, we proposed an optimal plan to increase energy efficiency of educational institutions in Chuhuiv. Thus, a complete thermal renovation modernization and installation of control systems for heat consumption and ventilation of indoor air were implemented in the buildings.

Besides, high-performance LED facade lights were installed on the facade of the primary school №12. Modern lighting fixtures with low electricity consumption provide a high level of lighting outside, which is extremely important for kindergartens, because children are picked up in the evening and their stay on the territory of the institution must be safe.

The works have been completed on time and with a high quality. The city administration may be proud of the current state of these educational buildings and follow this example by further promoting energy efficient solutions.

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