Baranovka 2013

FIATU LLC conducted energy audit of the kindergarten “Sonechko“ for thermal modernization of the building. Our energy auditors suggested a full complex of refurbishment measures, which included insulation of walls, installation of energy efficient windows and doors, new heating appliances, circulating pumps, etc.

Project costs and benefits

Total project cost



Annual savings (based on actual tariffs for the date of the project preparation)



Annual СО2 emission reduction



Problem description

External walls of the kindergarten are made of red brick and have low heat protective property compared to the normative. The kindergarten has been operating since 1959. The indoor temperature in groups was quite low. Uncomfortable conditions for children and caregivers were caused by excessive heat loss through the walls.

Solution to the problem

«FIATU» monitored insulation of walls in the kindergarten. Mineral wool was used as insulating material. This measure has made possible to save gas and increase the room temperature to a comfortable level.

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