Berdiansk 2016

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Net annual savings



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Problem description

Berdiansk is the resort town of national importance, located near Azov Sea. There are 15 pre-schools in the city, which more than 2,500 smallest residents attend.

The hot water for children in Kindergarten no.1 “Sonechko”, Kindergarten no.20 “Chervonyi Kapelyushok”, Kindergarten no.28 “Malyatko”, Kindergarten no.33 “Svitlyachok”, Kindergarten no.35 “Vyshen’ka“, Kindergarten no.36 “Cheburashka”, Kindergarten no.39 “Veselka”, Kindergarten no.40 “Kalynka”, Kindergarten no.41 “Kazka” is prepared by electric boilers. They were bought and installed by parents.

However, given the rapid increase of electricity tariffs in 2015-2016 years, the usage of hot water was going to be limited. The City authorities were looking for ways to solve this problem. FIATU specialists gladly helped the city. We developed the feasibility assessment for grant financing kindly offered by NEFCO. Most importantly FIATU managed the project to ensure high quality standards.

Solution to the problem

Fruitful cooperation between all stakeholders gave good results.

The key to problem solving was offered by FIATU, that was to use solar energy, a renewable energy source, for hot water production.

The geographical location of the city creates favorable conditions for installation of solar vacuum collectors. Soon enough, 9 kindergartens have been equipped with solar systems. Now the hot water in these facilities is not an element of luxury, but a basic thing for children, thanks to solar energy, investor and “FIATU”.

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