Dolyna 2014

FIATU is supervising the city’s move to an alternative energy source for hot water supply in two kindergartens: «Zolota Rybka» and «Rosynka».


Project costs and benefits

Total project cost



Annual savings (based on actual tariffs for the date of the project preparation)



Total savings



Annual СО2 emission reduction



Problem description

Kindergartens got hot water from obsolete and inefficient heat exchangers. In kindergarten №10 «Zolota rybka» the heat exchanger worked only during the heating season, while during the rest period of time cold water was heated by electrical boilers, which resulted in significant energy bills for electricity. In the kindergarten # 8 “Rosynka“ the heat exchanger didn’t satisfy the hot water needs either. The surface of heat exchangers were not insulated in both gardens, allowing heat losses.

Solution to the problem

FIATU suggested installing solar systems based on solar water heating collectors for kindergartens to get hot water from free and environmentally friendly solar energy. Now kindergartens are saving expensive gas and became less dependent from it.

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