Lozova 2015

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Problem description

More than 1000 pupils attend Lozova lyceum #4 and its inside conditions were not adequate. The school was built over 25 years ago and has large window area of window. All wooden windows’ life has expired causing constant drafts in classrooms and corridors. The school unsuccessfully tried to solve the problem by plugging window seams with cotton wool and sealing them with a scotch tape. As a result, pupils and teaching staff often caught cold and complained about the situation. At the same time due to the lack of fresh air teachers had to open windows to ventilate the classrooms, which contributed to significant heat losses during the heating period.

Solution to the problem

The city council in cooperation with FIATU decided to modernize the lyceum:

– old windows and external doors were replaced with energy efficient ones; with insulation of window slopes were insulated to solve the draft problem;

– decentralized ventilation systems with heat recovery were installed in 25 classrooms to stop ventilation of classrooms through opened windows and heat losses;

– individual heat substation was installed to regulate and save heat energy use during autumn and spring periods, weekends and holidays;

– all incandescent lamps were replaced with energy saving ones to reduce electric consumption.

Works were implemented in parallel to the educational process. FIATU strictly observed project quality and time requirements. As a result, children enjoyed warm classes and fresh air starting December 2015.

Implementation of all measures will lead not only to reduction of heat and electricity consumption and thus improvement of ecological situation in the city, but to improvement of indoor comfort for pupils and their academic success respectively.

Problem description

Peremogy avenue in Lozova is one of the main streets. The primary objectives of street lighting are aesthetics and traffic safety. However Peremohy avenue lacked both, its technical state of street lighting was extremely poor: less than half of installed lighting fixtures were in operation, another half of lighting fixtures had blown or missing bulbs. Lighting fixtures had energy-intensive and nondurable lamps.

Solution to the problem

Therefore, the city decided to upgrade street lighting on Peremogy avenue and install LED-fixtures with higher lighting characteristics and less energy consumption.

FIATU supports the application of “green technology “ for street lighting: it uses less energy to operate and it is safer for the environment.

The results of street lighting upgrade are obvious: city residents enjoy comfortable and safe driving.

The city management counts electricity use and maintenance cost savings.

Problem description

About 200 little Lozova residents attend the pre-school #13. It is well known that one of key factors for robust functioning of a kindergarten is uninterrupted hot water supply. The pre-school #13uses electric boilers to heat water. However, due to the rapid growth of electricity tariffs the pre-school was trying to save electricity by limiting its usage.

Solution to the problem

FIATU specialists recommended using alternative energy source – heat pump to heat the water. The system will meet the demand for hot water in full during the year, at the same time electricity costs will be minimized.

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