Energy Performance Certificate

Energy Performance Certificate – electronic document of the established form, which includes energy efficiency indicators, energy efficiency class of the building, recommendations on increasing its energy efficiency that meet regulatory requirements, as well as other  information on building and its separate parts, whose energy efficiency is certified.

According to Article 7 of the Law of Ukraine «About energy efficiency of buildings» energy efficiency certification is mandatory for:

  • construction facilities (new construction, reconstruction, renovation), that according to the class of consequences (responsibility) belong to facilities with average (СС2) and significant (СС3) consequences, determined in accordance with the Law of Ukraine «On the regulation of urban planning activities»;
  • state-owned buildings with a heating area of over 250 square meters, which are often visited by citizens and in all premises of which public authorities are located;
  • buildings with a heating area of over 250 square meters, in all premises of which local governments are located ( in case of thermal modernization of such buildings);
  • buildings in which thermal modernization is carried out, which is provided with the state support and which results in the achievement of the energy efficiency class of the building not lower than the minimum requirements for energy efficiency of the building.

Energy Performance Certificate is made by the certified energy auditors, who uses Unified State Electronic System in the field of Construction. Upon issuance of the certificate the system assigns its registration number.

In the process of providing recommendations for improving energy efficiency of buildings we use digital analytical product Road map of building renovation. It is a structured phased energy efficiency action plan, which is automatically generated on the basis of up-to-date information on the state of the building and its engineering systems.

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