Konotop 2018

Problem description

The EU grant contract implemented in Konotop was aimed at improving energy efficiency of the gymnasium and kindergarten No.10. This is the third energy efficiency project in Konotop and the first one with the requirement for verification of guaranteed energy savings.

FIATU LLC specialists performed an energy audit of the buildings and proposed energy efficiency measures for implementation. In particular, we recommended replacement of windows and exterior doors, wall and wall base insulation, attic insulation and installation of sloping roof in the gymnasium, attic insulation and repair of the roof in the kindergarten, installation of heat recovery ventilation system and insulation of wall base of kindergarten. According to the energy audit estimates, savings from implementation of measures would make 57%.

Solution to the problem

FIATU LLC was in charge of verification of guaranteed energy savings. We did it based on the results of the heating season 2017-2018. By that time approximately 75% of all works had been completed. Together with the Client we insured monitoring of energy consumption, external and internal air temperature, the operating mode of the building and other parameters that had a significant impact on the use of energy resources from December 1, 2017 to April 27, 2018.

After analysis and corrections of the collected data FIATU LLC determined the actual savings of about 26%, which was a fairly acceptable result, given the fact that part of the building facade had not been fully insulated and the reporting period missed 1.5 months of the heating season.

Many factors contribute to achievement of planned results, but key success factors are correct planning that starts with an energy audit, professional project management and continuous monitoring for timely changes.

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