Lutsk 2015

Project costs and benefits

Investment EUR 191 695,00
Net annual savings EUR/year 62 987,00
Annual CO2 emission reduction t/year 311,00

Problem description

Two kindergartens, three secondary schools and the city clinical hospital faced the problem of low thermal insulation properties, uncomfortable conditions of indoor stay and excessive energy consumption due to leaky building envelope and old engineering systems.

Solution to the problem

Having studied the existing problems, the specialists of FIATU LLC proposed a number of technically and economically justified energy efficiency measures individually for each of the 6 institutions. As a result, Lutsk City Clinical Hospital, kindergartens №11 and №21, city schools №5 and №10, gymnasium №21 installed individual heating points, radiator reflectors, thermal insulation of pipelines, balanced heating system, modernized lighting system, replaced windows and doors, and insulated facades.

Oleh Kovalchuk, the director of the Mykhailo Kravchuk Gymnasium №21, stated that in combination with insulation of the façade four individual heating stations had been installed. According to him, this had a significant effect in terms of comfort and savings: “The classrooms became warm. In addition, we saved money”.

The project was funded by the loan,  and it was the first experience of such cooperation for Lutsk. Therefore, the participation of FIATU LLC as an experienced consultant and manager of energy efficient projects has become the key to successful project implementation, solving organizational and technical issues, ensuring timely financing of activities. Thanks to the professional support of the project, the city has learned a lot. The success of the project opened the possibility for the regional center of Volyn to participate in the EIB loan program aimed at thermal modernization of social sector buildings.

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