Sumy 2017

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



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Problem description

In order to improve energy efficiency in public building Sumy city selected two kindergartens: №2 “Yasochka”,  №22 “Dzhereltse” and the school №29.

Energy problems situations in three buildings were very similar and typical for educational dbuildings, however, the building of the pre-school №22 is worth special attention..

The pre-school №22 was built according to a typical design project,developed specifically for buildings in the southern region/ However this design was not acceptable for Sumy located in the northern part of Ukraine. The building has a very large area of building envelope, in particular window openings and is characterized by the so-called big compactness coefficient). Window openings in corridors occupy an area of two floors. The above mentioned facts lead to significant  heat losses. The indoor climate was uncomfortable for children’s stay in the kindergarten. Parents and teachers were constantly complaining about low internal temperature in the premises and drafts through the old wooden windows with huge areas. Children got sick. To partially improve the situation window seams were plugged with cotton wool and sealed with a scotch tape.

Solution to the problem

We applied an individual approach for each building to increase energy efficiency and indoor comfort. s. FIATU`s energy audits were the basis for developing priority tasks to reduce energy consumption and city budget planning for energy saving purposes. The project included implementation of energy saving measures, such as window and door replacement, wall insulation and modernization of heating system.

In order to solve the problem related to heat loss through  large areas of window openings in Pre-school #22 we selected window units with triple-glazed windows, i-glass and filled with inert gas with the maximized  heat transfer resistance coefficient. Inefficient and outdated heat appliances and convectors have been replaced with modern heating devices with high heat transfer. Heat supply system was also equipped with heating unit with automatic weather control (in Pre-school #22 and Pre-school #2).

Sumy has received the first experience of energy saving project implementation in educational buildings. Three buildings have increased their energy efficiency by applying high standards for energy conservation. Apart from good economic benefit we are happy that inside comfort has been significantly improved.

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