Ivano-Frankivsk 2016

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



Annual CO2 emission reduction



Problem description

The main problems of Ivano-Frankivsk outdoor lighting were physically worn out and technically outdated lighting fixtures with energy intensive incandescent lamps. About 80% of poles and cable lines have already exceeded their lifetime. Reconstruction and major repairs have not been carried out at all or carried out in insufficient volumes during the last 15 years. Moreover, significant part of electric network was in poor condition. It should also be noted that continuous breakdowns of inefficient lamps, application of cars, which consume expensive diesel, resulted in significant costs for maintenance of electrical networks.

Solution to the problem

In order to solve current problems FIATU specialists recommended replacing all lightning fixtures with incandescent lamps to LED ones along with installation of new brackets and replacement of air and cable lines with self-supporting insulated lines (SIP). In addition, modernization of street lightning on Mitskevych sq. and park near the Medical University, including installation of new poles and LED-fixtures, purchase of new telescopic car lifters for installation and repair works were also recommended. Project implementation was financed by NEFCO within the loan energy saving project.

As a result of the project implementation electricity consumption and maintenance costs for electrical networks have dropped and streets` illumination has significantly improved. These improvements benefit city’s tourist attraction and reduce the rate of crime. City residents enjoy comfortable and safe driving as well. New car lifters with modern and economical engine will make it possible to reduce maintenance time for replacement of street lighting fixtures, thus reduce consumption of fuels and lubricants.

Ivano-Frankivsk has become one of the first regional centers where street lightning is equipped with only energy saving LED-lamps.

“We have replaced all old inefficient so called Illich lamps (incandescent lamps named after Vladimir Lenin) and from now only energy-efficient LEDs will give light in our city. New LEDs` capacity is 30 W, thus, they are 4 times more efficient than the old ones. These fixtures require minimal maintenance works and will be operating during at least the next 10 years”, – noted Yuriy Voloshanskiy, director of municipal enterprise “Ivano-Frankivskmisksvitlo”.

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