Chernihiv 2014

FIATU energy auditors examined 7 schools in Chernihiv and recommended most appropriate list of energy efficient measures making focus on improvement of building window and door structures.

Project costs and benefits

Total project cost



Annual savings (based on actual tariffs for the date of the project preparation)



Annual СО2 emission reduction



Problem description

Old wooden windows and doors in the school №2 were used for more than 25 years since the construction year of the school. Thus they had a loose fitting of glass and door panels, individual elements were rotten, doors had a large glass area. The school indoor temperature was low in winter because of significant heat loss through old windows and doors, students and teachers were cold. The school needed replacement of window structures and front door.

Solution to the problem

Windows with sealed energy-saving glass structures and double glazing metal doors were installed to reduce heat loss in the school. FIATU developed energy efficiency requirements for window structures and their installation to get a significant energy saving effect.

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