Kamyanske 2016

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



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Problem description

The specifics of the geographical location of the city infrastructure are as follows. The majority of public institutions and industries are located on the right bank side of the city. There are all medical institutions including maternity hospital, ambulance, children’s hospital, social care institutions and others. The railway station and bus stations, transport hubs are also located on the right bank.

The city bridge is the main line that connects two sides of the city. Its lighting was technically and physically outdated. There were continuous interruptions in lighting of the city bridge, which affected traffic safety. Since 1995 due to the lack of funding the lighting of the city bridge had not been upgraded .

Solution to the problem

FIATU assisted the city by preparing a feasibility assessment for grant financing through NIU «Nordic energy efficiency and humanitarian support initiative (Ukraine) fund». Also FIATU managed the project to its full and successful implementation. It was decided to apply modern technologies in street lighting by replacing outdated and inefficient lighting fixtures with modern LED-lamps; air power lines with self-supporting insulated lines (SIP) and by implementing wireless automatic monitoring and control system.

The results of the proposed and implemented measures were impressive: significant reduction of energy consumption, as well as improvement of the social, economic and environmental indicators.

«The fact, that the bridge is efficiently illuminated, is already a great achievement. An installed automatic monitoring and control system allows to adjust power voltage and reduce energy costs by 5 times. In addition, the service life of modern LED-lights is 7 times longer than the service life of fluorescent lamps and their work life is about 12 years. This is really a historic event for our city and I am sure that the new bridge lighting will be a real decoration of our city», – said mayor of the city of Kamyanske Andriy Bilousov.

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