Kiev 2014

Under the «FIATU» monitoring as investor technical consultant the city of Kyiv implemented an energy efficiency project, which included modernization of heating equipment in school canteens: 192 industrial electric stoves were changed in 54 kindergartens and 42 secondary schools in Obolon district of Kyiv; upgrade of internal electrical networks and installation of modern electricity meters in canteens.

Project costs and benefits

Total project cost



Annual savings (based on actual tariffs for the date of the project preparation)



Annual СО2 emission reduction



Problem description

Kitchen heating equipment is one of the main consumers of electricity in schools. In most school canteens industrial electric kitchen stoves are used, whose lifetime exceeded 15 years; they were morally and physically obsolete and had low efficiency.

Solution to the problem

To reduce the consumption of electricity and, as a result, reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere new electric stoves with energy efficient burners that allow reducing electricity consumption by 30% were installed. In addition, new stoves improved working conditions of staff, increased productivity and safety of their work.

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