Konotop 2015

Project costs and benefits




Net annual savings



Annual CO2 emission reduction



Problem description

Following up a successful implementation of the energy efficient project back in 2012 the city of Konotop together with FIATU decided to roll out high energy efficiency standards set by NEFCO to additional three educational buildings: Pre-school №12, Children’s music school №1 and “Children’s department” of the Central District Hospital.

These public buildings had common problem: internal temperuture was lower than normative resulting in uncomfortable conditions for children and personnel. Such conditions were unacceptable for buildings where children stayed. Parents, teachers and medical employees pointed to old wooden windows that caused drafts. Besides, the windows’ useful life was over. The problem was aggravated by skyrocketing prices on energy resources facing each Ukrainiann community and the country as a whole, as well as high harmful emission to the atmosphere.


Solution to the problem

There was no alternative to energy efficient windows and doors to solve the problem of drafts through leaks in old windows. FIATU developed technical spesifications for new windows to increase the indoor temperature and save energy.

FIATU supported the city administration to apply the position experience of the previouse project, where the gas boiler was replaced with wood chip boiler. Firewood will be used as the main energy source. It is available and relatively cheap in this geographic region.

Due to FIATU’s close control and full support of the Konotop City Council the project was implemented by observing all quality and time requirements.

We take pride in being part of the Konotop’s achievments in improving thermal conditions for children, saving energy costs, and improving ecological situation in the region.

FIATU’s collaboration with the city of Konotop continued. We conducted energy audits in accordance with current European standards, which became the starting point in obtaining grant funds for full thermal modernization of two public buildings.  We expect Konotop will save up 30 000 EUR budget funds annually after full energy modernization.

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