Kramatorsk 2013

FIATU LLC selected 2 kindergartens and 3 school buildings to include them in energy conservation project. Our specialists examined these buildings and recommended a set of most appropriate energy saving measures (including replacement of windows, doors on energy efficient ones, installation of individual heating substations, replacement of heating appliances, restoration of thermal insulation on pipelines) to reduce heat energy losses.

Project costs and benefits

Total project cost



Annual savings (based on actual tariffs for the date of the project preparation)



Annual СО2 emission reduction



Problem description

Old wooden windows and doors were in operation since the construction year of the kindergarten №71 and had holes, letting the cold in the room. Besides, windows had a large glazing area. As a result, the indoor temperature in groups was below normative, creating uncomfortable conditions for children and nursery teachers. The need for replacement of windows in the kindergarten was obvious.

At the same time the existing heating unit based on the heat mixing valve didn’t regulate effectively the amount of coolant used. This means that after replacement of windows and doors the indoor temperature might be high in warm, sunny days of heating season, thus causing irrational energy use.

Solution to the problem

Under the “FIATU” supervision new energy saving windows and doors were installed. Also, an individual heating substation allowing for regulation of the heat energy was installed. Implementation of these measures made possible to save heat energy and increase the room temperature to a comfortable level.


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