Pavlograd 2015

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Problem description

More than 900 little Pavlohrad citizens attend general school #5. However conditions inside the building left much to be desired. Children and school personnel felt cold during winter period. The internal temperature in so-called “cold” classes never rose above 12-14 °C.

The school building was built over 30 years ago. External walls became wet during rainy days and damaged due to destroyed spillway system. Drafts through old wooden windows and doors led to colds among pupils and teaching staff causing repeated complains about inside building conditions. While the internal temperature was low during freezing days, it was too high during autumn and spring time. Thus the heat energy was consumed irrationally.

Solution to the problem

FIATU specialists saw the solution to the problem in thermal rehabilitation of the building. Besides wall insulation and installation of energy efficient windows FIATU took care of energy conservation. We recommended the use of individual heat substation to regulate and save heat energy during autumn and spring periods, weekends and holidays. Also all incandescent bulbs were replaced with energy-efficient ones in order to reduce electric consumption.

Due to FIATU’s thorough control the project was implemented by observing all quality and time requirements. As a result, Pavlohrad has energy savings, improved thermal comfort for students and personnel, decreased illness incidents and advanced academic progress. Moreover, the ecological situation the city has improved.

City community thankfully states: “Children are our future! Deep gratitude to the investor and all project participants for caring about our children’s heath!”

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