National benchmarking and implementation of the information energy monitoring system “ICE” in the pilot central executive authorities (2018)

Problem description

Striving for energy independence, mitigation of climate change impact and the economic crisis overcome Ukraine is implementing the provisions of Directive 2012/27/EU on energy efficiency in national legislation.

To support the Government of Ukraine in achieving the international goals, the German Society for International Cooperation GIZ GmbH started the project “Energy efficiency reforms in Ukraine” and involved an experienced consulting company in the field of energy management and energy efficiency – “FIATU” LLC for the project goal implementation.

FIATU LLC was tasked to assist central executive authorities in implementation of the national benchmarking and energy monitoring system in their pilot buildings as part of the national energy management system. To achieve the ambitious project objectives a multifunctional, open and integrated energy monitoring system “ICE” and a module “Benchmarking” were selected.

Solution to the problem

Due to coordinated and efficient work of FIATU’s energy auditors and ICT specialists the national benchmarking was performed in 2017, the information energy monitoring system “ICE” was implemented in 2018, the energy managers of the national public buildings were appointed, trainings and seminars were conducted, technical and operational characteristics of buildings were checked. Since the development of the legislative framework was in progress, launching cooperation with the central executive authorities required significant efforts, including raising awareness of the responsible persons about the goals of Ukraine on the way to energy efficiency and conviction that the project should be implemented to pursuit the national goal.

Having completed a difficult stage of implementation of the energy monitoring in the pilot central executive authorities FIATU specialists are currently working with energy managers to maintain the quality of energy monitoring.

The challenge that FIATU LLC brilliantly addressed was the project implementation together with the central executive authorities without the specific national legislation in place.

The result of the energy monitoring during the last 6 months is 3% of energy saved.

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